Friday, October 21, 2011

The Math Test

When I got home yesterday, Steve and Jonas already had dinner in the oven. I LOVE that! There was still at least 30 minutes of baking time left so, instead of having to rush around the kitchen, I got to sit down with a glass of wine and ask them about their days.

Jonas was clearly not happy. When I asked him about his big math test, he said he didn't want to talk about it, and kept focused on the drawing he was working on. With a tiny bit of prodding he told me sadly "I got a stinking D on it!". He clearly didn't want to talk about it anymore so I continued the conversation with Steve, who had already reviewed the test with him. He told me that Jonas actually did pretty well on the test. He got 13 out of 20, but he lost 5 marks on one question, which he had trouble understanding. The two of them reviewed that concept after school and he's got a good grasp on it now. "So, one thing he didn't understand and a couple of little mistakes. No big deal" said Steve.

"Yeah, right" said Jonas, with the beginnings of a tiny little smile creeping into his pout. "Did you have enough time?" I asked. No answer from Jonas. "He said he did" replied Steve. "He did a good job. He just made a few tiny mistakes." I went over to Jonas, who was standing with his back to us, and wrapped my arms around him in a huge hug. I whispered into his ear and asked if he tried his best. "Yeah" he said with his head hanging.  "Then I'm very proud of you." I gave him a kiss on the forehead, which immediately turned that little smile into a big one and started him talking about the rest of his day.

The conversation turned into a long one, with each of us sharing the highlights and low-lights of our day. When the pasta was finally finished baking, we decided to eat in front of the tv and watch a movie. I hate doing that as a regular routine, but when we've had a chance to download and share the stories of our days, like we did last night, I don't mind it at all.

Last night we watched the Tim Allen movie "Zoom". It's about kids who have superpowers and are called upon to save the world. One of the things I love about it is that kids are all different from everyone else and that is something that they have a hard time dealing with. In the end, they are each celebrated for those differences, which I think is just awesome! It also contains this gem of a song that we've added to Jonas's MP3 player:

(Click on the link to listen to one of our new theme songs at Casa del Blanchard)


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