Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School Dread

Back to school fills me with dread this year. The closer we get to it, the more anxious I'm becoming. This is the first year that I won't be "home" during the day to actively manage it all.  I'm stressed trying to think of ways to keep everything on track. There's just so much to figure out to make it a successful year. I fear that the changes are going to mean a tough transition for all of us.

It's been a pretty good summer. We're still struggling to find better ways to manage Jonas's ADHD, and the looming demands of school heighten my stress about that. Sleeping, eating, school, and childcare issues threaten menacingly, like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, making me worry about all the worst case scenarios my brain can come up with.

I clearly need a plan! They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bit at a time, so I started by buying a daily agenda book. School assignments, work schedules, meal plans, extracurricular activities, household chores, social engagements, etc, all can be captured in the book. It will live on the kitchen counter and hopefully help keep us all on the same page and moving in the right direction. Hopefully.


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