Wednesday, June 27, 2012

End of the Year Report Card Day

As I write this, I am sitting at my desk at work, having just hung up from one of the best conversations I've ever had. You see, today was report card day at Jonas's school. When I dropped him off this morning, he was a little hesitant about what his marks would be like. I reassured him that his Dad and I weren't at all nervous about it, and that we both expected that he'd do just fine. I reminded him that we've worked closely with his teacher all year, that we've seen every test and assignment, his daily reports, etc. I also reminded him that he's worked hard and done his best all year long and that's what really matters. Mom's words are hard to hear, though, when you've got a lump in your throat and an ache in your tummy.

He called as soon as he and Steve had a chance to look at it, which I gather was in the truck before they even left the parking lot. I could hear the pride in his voice as soon as he started reading off every mark. They were mostly Bs and Cs, punctuated with B+s in Science and Social Studies, and an A- in Math. He was a little quiet when he told me about the D+ in Music, but we knew this coming. He doesn't have some Bart Simpson-like bad attitude but, rather, it turns out that when he's in Music class, he's more like Bart's sister Lisa in the opening sequence of the show. He's got the music in him and it just has to come out with it's own flair. Sheet music and Conductor be damned!  LOL!

I'm thrilled for him. He worked hard this year. It was a team effort but he did it. We had moments when we thought he was going to go down the path of hating school and frankly, we were right there with him once in a while. He didn't give up and even found some things along the way that he thought were cool enough to explore on his own outside of school.

Of course, his teachers deserve HUGE accolades. He was blessed to have a teacher who really gets ADHD, speech disfluency and little boys. Mrs. G was just the teacher we needed this year. Her understanding, patience and experience were truly blessings for us. All of the staff at the school are outstanding and for us, this year, Mrs. G was like the team captain who kept everyone on the same page in the playbook. We got her and the staff some token thank you gifts but we'll never be able to adequately express how grateful we are for them.


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