Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of Grade Five - New Beginnings

The cool man in black. He even put on smelly stuff!
Jonas was pretty nervous about his first day of Grade Five. He had a hard time getting to sleep last night. He doesn't know that to expect, but he knows it isn't going to be easy, academically or socially. We talked about a new school year is like a new beginning, a fresh slate to write a new chapter in his story. Then his optimistic streak showed itself. When we were reading "The Hobbit" last night, he said something that I think we're going to post on the fridge this year: "Bilbo Baggins is just like me. Just when things look like they're going to turn out horrible, they turn out just fine. He just has to keep trying his best and not give up."

He woke up just fine shortly after the sun came up, but was a little leery about going as the time drew nearer this morning. When he complained of tummy cramps, it flashed me back to my own childhood, when I cried and had an upset stomach every single first day of school until high school. (Heck, I even threw up in Grade 8.) The cool factor overruled his nerves though, and he declared that he did not want Steve or I to go with him this morning. I was one proud mama watching him walk down the driveway towards the unknown.

When he got home, he exclaimed "This was the best day I've ever had at this school!" When we asked him to tell us about it, he was very excited to share that he made a new friend today. There are two new boys in his class, and he gets to sit beside one of them. They spent all recess and lunch together talking about Minecraft, and have plans to play together online on the weekend. "I'm so glad I have a new friend!"

He doesn't remember his teachers names or the name of the other new boy in his class, has no idea what his schedule looks like, didn't recall when the cross country team starts, and he forgot to eat his lunch, but he made and new friend. We both think that's awesome!


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