Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Back on Track: An Update

It's been just over a month now since our family made our resolution to be healthier. The basic ground rules we set for ourselves were to eat at the table together every day, to get outside together once a week, and to eat a healthy dinner every day, including at least 2 coloured vegetables. We're not spot-on on all three goals, but I'm hapy to say that we are making good progress. We're certainly better off than we would have been without making the effort. ;)

We've broken bread together at the table most days. Not every day, but most. Sometimes Tasha is working, Jonas and I are at Beavers on Wednesday nights, and sometimes we just want to crash in front of the tv and watch a movie or something, but we try to restrict that to Friday or Saturday nights. The one night we absolutely do not mess with is Sunday. Sunday night roast dinner together is a tradition that is very important to me and I will not compromise on it. Last night, for example, we had roast chicken, sweet potatoes, brocoli and brussels sprouts when Tasha got home from work.

Combined with the fact that we've each had something come up at one time or another this month, we haven't made very good progress on our goal of getting outside together every week. We started the first weekend with an awesome family hike and then we fizzled out. Tasha's work schedule, and our Beaver Scouts calendar, are two of our stumbling blocks. Her schedule is all over the place, and she usually works on the weekends. The kids and I have had colds at various times, and been Steve's fighting an abcessed tooth. Simply put, we just haven't felt like going out very much. Jonas gets his fill every day after school, and last weekend he and I spent most of the weekend outside together at Winter Camp with the Scouts, but that doesn't count as family time. What we have been doing pretty well though, is spending time together inside the house throughout the week and on weekends, playing games, doing puzzles and watching movies. Half of the point of the goal was spending time together and on that front, we're doing well. Now we just need to pull up our socks, put on our snowpants, and start exercising together too!

Dinner last night was a really good example of how our eating habits have changed for the better. It's one goal we're doing very well with. We're having two or three colour veggies with each meal, and with the exception of two pizza nights and couple of store bought roast chickens, we're eating homecooked meals every night. We've made eating fish a weekly habit and we're cutting back on junk food snacks, opting instead for grapes or cheese, or other fresh foods. Tasha and Steve are also making it a habit to take leftovers for lunches too. They haven't cut out take-out completely, but I'm really happy with the effort they're making.

Team Blanchard has really taken shape too. Steve and I are taking turns cooking, and Tasha is helping out as well. Even Jonas gets in on the act most days. Tasha has taken the lead in making sure the dishes get done, and the three of us always help her out. Jonas is in charge of setting the table, with a little help from the non-cooks, and I am in charge of making sure the groceries are in the house. Teamwork is the key. All of us are pitching in and that makes a real difference.

As you can see, some of our goals have been easier to make a reality than others. We've still got a lot work to do but things are definitely moving in the right direction. I was worried when I came down with a cold this weekend. I'm the head chef and operations manager, so I felt like our weekly plan was in danger. Steve and the kids stepped up the plate, not only cooking a good healthy roast dinner on Saturday night, but also getting the groceries for the week. They didn't get nearly enough veggies, but they didn't buy any junk food either. I have to say, watching them in action between rounds of fever, made me very proud!


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